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Unicep Expands Quick Turn Prototype Service

Get single-use custom designed packaging from concept to market faster than ever before.

Unicep recently expanded our services to include refined Custom Design and Quick Turn Prototype capabilities. These services are available with Unicep’s single-use Modified Blow-Fill-Seal™ product line. Unicep’s clients can now leverage Unicep’s proprietary manufacturing platform to create custom shapes and sizes of single-use packaging solutions. With the ability to go from concept to production prototype in as few as eight weeks, this innovative adaptation allows for creative design without the cost or wait time of traditional processes. The faster time to production readiness and affordability represent the evolution of Unicep’s custom manufacturing platform to allow for market-ready customer solutions at best-in-class turn times.

With a proven record of providing innovative packaging solutions, Unicep looks forward to partnering with new customers with this expansion of their Custom Design and Quick Turn Prototype services.

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