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Research and Development

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Analytical & Microbiological Testing

Silgan Unicep adheres to the requirements of the FDA and the United States Pharmacopoeia for analytical and microbiological testing.

Our research and development lab complies with the requirements of the Good Laboratory Practices, and our analytical and microbiological labs comply with the current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Silgan Unicep is experienced in testing drug products, medical device components (such as IVD solutions), cosmetics, and nutritional products.

Formulation Assistance

Silgan Unicep has the expertise to offer assistance with customer formulations. Services we can offer include:

  • Teaming with each client to ensure the mixing of their formulation meets their requirements
  • Full support of tech transfers, batch records, and mix instructions for products manufactured at Silgan Unicep’s facility
  • Assistance with product line enhancements or help in solving complex formulation issues


Silgan Unicep has an in-house stability chamber and has the expertise to conduct stability management and testing services.


Silgan Unicep conducts protocol preparation, tracking, execution, testing and final report generation for your product.

Lab Analysis

  • pH Testing- all ranges
  • ISE (ion selective electrode) method
  • Fluoride chloride
  • TOC (total organic carbon) for water cleaning and validation
  • Purified water testing
  • Conductivity- water testing
  • Viscosity- Brookfield Viscometer
  • Chemical Titrations- peroxide concentrations (carbamide and hydrogen)
  • Chemical Identity- raw ingredient testing
  • Spectrophotometer- UV and visible for raw material identity testing and assay
  • Infra-Red Spectrometer- raw material identification testing
  • Specific Gravity

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Silgan Unicep provides unique packaging options for product applications for companion animals, farm animals, and animal diagnostics.

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