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Packaging Made for Diagnostics

Silgan Unicep’s HLX™ is our latest packaging solution, designed to simplify your supply chain for liquid test components.

Leverage Silgan Unicep’s unit-dose expertise by incorporating HLX into your lateral flow workflow. Developed to provide a turnkey solution when a tube is needed, HLX is an all-in-one packaging solution for liquid consumables.

HLX unit

Streamlined Sourcing

HLX with PoC Test

Silgan Unicep’s turnkey contract filling services further reduce your supply chain complexity. From raw materials to your filled finished product, our team of experts will ensure your critical component is available when you need it and manufactured to your specifications. 

The all-in-one design of HLX reduces sourcing risks by eliminating the need to source multiple packaging components for your point-of-care liquid consumable. 

Designed for Workflows

Wider Opening

HLX’s overall dimensions are comparable to on-market test tubes and are designed to accommodate the insertion of a swab or test strip into a buffer or reagent. 

Superior Seal

Unlike current on-market tube solutions, the inline filling process for HLX ensures every unit is securely sealed and does not require additional foil seals or gasketed caps, preserving the integrity of the product while enhancing the end user experience.

Open HLX Unit

Dropper Top

HLX Unit with opened unit

HLX is available off-the-shelf in two design choices, our standard unit, and a threaded, resealable unit.  

Our threaded HLX unit pairs easily with a removable dropper top to reduce steps in workflows that require precision dispense. The dropper top allows the unit to go from a simple collection device to a dual purpose component offering collection and exact dispense of a sample onto an assay or into a device. 

Contract Manufacturing Excellence

Silgan Unicep is your dedicated partner, offering turnkey contract filling support to streamline your supply chain. Our expertise in unit dose contract filling ensures quality results, while our culture of compliance guarantees your regulatory and quality standards are always met. 

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