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Convenient On-the-Go Packaging

Discover the versatility of Silgan Unicep’s pouch filling, offering a variety of sizes and shapes tailored to accommodate your liquid, gel, or cream products.

Pouches contain pre-measured servings, ensuring precise dispensing and eliminating any guesswork for the end user. The multi-ply laminate construction offers enhanced barrier properties, surpassing traditional unit-dose packaging methods, and preserves your product’s integrity to maintain freshness and efficacy.

Unit-dose multi-ply laminate pouches provide a convenient on-the-go packaging solution with ample design and branding space to make your product stand out to consumers.

Ideal for a wide range of products, including oral care, cosmetics, personal care items, and dietary supplements, our flexible pouches offer unmatched convenience and versatility. Whether you need a retail portion or sample pack solution filled, our single-use pouches are the perfect choice for effortlessly delivering your product to consumers.

Silgan Unicep’s pouch filling services support:


      • Filling on high-end automated equipment for a cost-effective solution
      • Formulas needing higher barrier properties than traditional unit dose packaging provides
      • Extensive branding opportunities
      • Packaging solution known and familiar to end users
      • Higher unit-dose fill volumes
      • Products with a higher viscosity

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