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Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

An extension of your manufacturing facility

Devoted to Quality

Quality is embedded in our culture. It’s demanded of everyone and everything in our facilities.

Our team includes top chemists, microbiologists, lab technicians, QC inspectors, project engineers, validation technicians and regulatory compliance specialists. Our experts are aware of all customer requirements from initial stages to product shipment. They secure exact customer specifications and take pride in exceeding expectations.

Our strict quality control procedures offer you the quality assurance you need. This commitment makes us the partner of choice in specialized liquid & gel contract manufacturing.


  • FDA Registered
  • ISO13485:2016 Certified
  • cGMP Compliant

Our reputation depends on the stringent cGMP quality standards we hold for each and every product. From the inspection of raw materials through each handling process, you can be assured your product will be thoroughly inspected by our experienced quality team.

Customer Quality Requirements

Not only do we follow FDA guidelines, but we also adhere to customer corporate quality requirements. We welcome quality assurance company auditors to our facility.

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Industry leading packaging solutions for reagents, buffers, and diluents. We are FDA registered, ISO13485:2016 certified, and cGMP compliant.

Silgan Unicep provides unique packaging options for product applications for companion animals, farm animals, and animal diagnostics.

Silgan Unicep has over 25 years of experience in mixing and packaging hygiene, whitening, and in-office oral care products.

Offering manufacturing and packaging services to support your growing portfolio of consumer healthcare products.

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