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Twist-Tip™ Proprietary Unit-Dose

Unique Unit-Dose Dispensers with Easy Twist-Off Tab

The Twist-Tip™ unit is part of Silgan Unicep’s Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal packaging line. These unique dispensers provide cost-efficient packaging without any loss of product integrity.

As with all Silgan Unicep’s Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal solutions, the Twist-Tip unit offers the benefits of traditional blow-fill-seal packaging, but with added features that help elevate the design and functionality of the unit. The ampoule’s design helps ensure contents can be dispensed and controlled with ease by the end-user, creating an ideal packaging solution for a variety of unit-dose products.

The patented Twist-Tip incorporates a plastic squeeze-bulb with an integral twist-off-tab. Once open, the vial’s contents easily dispense through the opening by squeezing or pouring. Unlike traditional blow-fill-seal packaging, Twist-Tip units can be filled with products with higher viscosities, making it an ideal packaging solution for a range of products. Twist-Tip dispensers are also available for products that require enhanced barrier protection. Unique blends of resins are available to maintain flexibility, yet deliver improved barrier performance.








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