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Oral Health Market

Oral Health Market

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Oral Health Contract Manufacturing

Thirty years ago, a dentist in North Idaho sought a packaging solution to prevent cross-contamination and improve safety during oral procedures. That dentist was Silgan Unicep’s founder, and the answer he found was our MicroDose® unit.

Over time Silgan Unicep has grown to a full-scale contract manufacturer of liquid, gel, and cream products. We fill a range of formulas, from toothpaste to etchants, for an assortment of reputable customers in the oral care industry. We have the industry experience needed to mix, fill, and package your unique formula from in-office dental to oral OTC.

Oral Health Mixing and Filling

Silgan Unicep’s history is rooted in the oral health industry. We understand the characteristics of oral care products and have the experience needed to mix challenging formulas. Our qualified team can lend their expertise and meet the challenge of mixing your unique formulation.

Filling is at the core of everything we do. Silgan Unicep specializes in filling a range of viscosities, from waterlike products to gels and creams. Whether filling unit-dose ampoules or multi-use tubes, Silgan Unicep has the expertise you need to fill your unique oral health product.


Oral Health Packaging

Silgan Unicep’s packaging lineup was designed with oral health companies in mind. Our packaging and services are great for dental hygiene, in-office dental, teeth whitening, and over-the-counter dental products, with both innovative and classic packaging options to fit your unique needs.

Packaging Specialist

Silgan Unicep has developed a complete line of packaging options to fit your needs. From tubes to unit-dose blow fill seal ampoules, Silgan Unicep has your contract filling needs covered. We are experts at filling a variety of unit-dose packaging platforms, including our Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal lines, which offer innovative and unique solutions to your packaging requirements.

Are you looking for a custom package solution? We offer custom unit-dose packaging design services using our Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal platform. Our custom packaging solutions allow us to create your desired shape, size or look.

Turn your vision into reality by choosing Silgan Unicep as your mixing, filling and packaging contract manufacturer.


From start to finish, our team works with you in navigating the entire manufacturing process. Through new product introduction or product transfers to process validation, we ensure a quality product is shipped.

Silgan Unicep can provide market expertise, help bring your product to consumers quickly, help you stand out with our unique packaging, and provide scale-up capabilities for you to test the market.

Why Silgan Unicep?

We understand entrusting your product to a contract manufacturer is a serious decision. Silgan Unicep never forgets we are preparing a product on your behalf. We are committed to the quality of your product and the success of your brand.

Dental Hygiene & Whitening

Silgan Unicep has over 30 years of experience in developing and packaging dentifrice products for consumer retailers & dental product manufacturers around the world.

Our Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal unit-dose packaging is perfect for whitening kit components and other oral care products for consumer or chairside use. Silgan Unicep can manufacture standard, natural, or whitening toothpaste or gel to your formula & specifications.

We fill a variety of tubes sizes, shapes, and caps – all sourced from our approved suppliers.

Potential products where Silgan Unicep’s capabilities are a great fit includes tooth gels and pastes, mouth rinses, oral cleansers and desensitizing products.

In-Office Dental

Our unit-dose packaging is easy to dispense and can eliminate the risk of cross-contamination during dental procedures with a one time use vial. For dental product manufacturers, we offer expertise in compounding specialized liquids, gels, & creams, and providing unique & custom unit-dose packaging options. Some examples of Silgan Unicep’s capabilities include compounding, filling, and packaging the following types of products:

  • Etch gel & cements
  • Polishing, cleaning and lubricating
  • Desensitizing

OTC Oral Care

Our clients depend on us for their consumer, beauty, and oral care OTC needs. Every product we deliver is manufactured under the most stringent cGMP conditions and within our FDA registered facilities.

Silgan Unicep specializes in unit-dose packaging, which provides a specific amount of product for consumer use and optimal product performance. With a supplied formulation, we blend and package into our unit-dose blow-fill-seal dispensers, applicators, or multi-use packaging for consumer use.

Some examples of Silgan Unicep’s capabilities in this category include, but aren’t limited to cold sore treatments, canker sore treatments and oral pain relief gels.

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