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Since 1991, Silgan Unicep has served as a premier liquid contract manufacturer specializing in the mold and fill of unit-dose solutions.  

We turn our customers’ visions into reality and provide a successful history of mixing and filling a range of complex formulas while adhering to stringent quality standards in our FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified facilities. 

Silgan Unicep is more than a traditional contract manufacturer; we are your liquid unit-dose filling and packaging experts. 

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Industry leading packaging solutions for reagents, buffers, and diluents. We are FDA registered, ISO13485:2016 certified, and cGMP compliant.

Silgan Unicep provides unique packaging options for product applications for companion animals, farm animals, and animal diagnostics.

Silgan Unicep has over 25 years of experience in mixing and packaging hygiene, whitening, and in-office oral care products.

Offering manufacturing and packaging services to support your growing portfolio of consumer healthcare products.

Silgan Unicep Services

We specialize in liquid and gel compounding/mixing, contract filling and designing custom unit-dose blow-fill-seal dispensers. Our customers can define the scope of our services as broadly or as narrowly as their needs mandate. Whether it’s a new product launch or existing product transfer, Silgan Unicep has the expertise to make your program a success.

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