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HLX is the newest all-in-one solution designed for point-of-care liquid test components.
PreciseDose™ is an advanced design that combines our MicroDose® & Twist-Tip™ design. PreciseDose offers a precise dispensing system and the ease of the twist-off opening.
MicroDose® is a patented unique unit-dose dispenser. The MicroDose combines the convenience and accuracy of a syringe with the simplicity of a tube and the disposability of a vial or ampoule.
The patented Twist-Tip™ unit-dose dispenser incorporates a plastic squeeze-bulb with an integral twist-off tab.
Blow-Fill-Seal packaging offers easy to use dispensers with excellent properties. Single doses are an ideal solution for use in many product categories.
Our engineering team’s innovative approach to system design and problem-solving provides you with high-quality packaging solutions for unique and custom containers.
As a leading contract manufacturer, we provide a variety of packaging options including filling pouches/sachets.
Silgan Unicep offers a full range of tube filling services, including filling and sealing operations for both laminate and plastic tubes. With our robust on-site capabilities, we can accommodate a variety of tube shapes, sizes, and caps.
Silgan Unicep’s contract filling services also include filling a variety of syringe styles and sizes.
Convenient point-of-use delivery system. The SwabDose® applicator offers a ready to use package for various topical cosmetic, OTC, and animal healthcare products.
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