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Program Management

Program Management

Teaming with a Shared Purpose and Common Goal

Our Customer Commitment

We strive to make our customers’ programs successful by committing to four overarching ideals.

Our Program Managers work with you and your team to navigate the entire manufacturing process. We dig in, ask tough questions, and commit ourselves to a partnership. We know communication is key, and we are committed to ensuring we are keeping an open connection.

We achieve your program goals by actively collaborating with you and all Silgan Unicep’s internal team members including operations, manufacturing engineering, design engineering, procurement and quality. For every program, we establish a team of people that work toward a shared purpose and common goal.

We embrace innovation. It’s at our core. It’s how we began. You can leverage our expertise to support custom unit-dose design concepts or various other packaging challenges that meet your product brand needs.

You can also rely on us for manufacturing innovation. We can develop or improve equipment to address unique manufacturing challenges and packaging concepts. Innovation isn’t just about coming up with great ideas, it’s about making them happen – and that’s what we do.

We are an elite team of passionate, results-driven industry professionals. We are committed to assisting you achieve success with your product.

Benefits of Partnering with Silgan Unicep

Our program management teams work with your team to navigate the entire manufacturing process. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and are committed to your product. Partner with Silgan Unicep for:

  • Over 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing and packaging
  • Specialists in mixing and filling liquid, gel, and cream products
  • Experience in various markets provides packaging inspiration that can be shared across many product categories
  • Excellence in quality management
  • Unique and innovative packaging choices
  • Ability to solve unique product and packaging challenges
  • Turnkey services from mixing to retail-ready packaging solutions
  • FDA registered, ISO certified, cGMP compliant

Why Silgan Unicep?

No matter what type of product we are filling or packaging we never forget we are preparing a product for market on your behalf. We are committed to the quality of your product, and the success of your brand.

We take your entrusting us with your product very seriously and we are committed to helping your product become a success.

Ready to Get Started?


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Industry leading packaging solutions for reagents, buffers, and diluents. We are FDA registered, ISO13485:2016 certified, and cGMP compliant.

Silgan Unicep provides unique packaging options for product applications for companion animals, farm animals, and animal diagnostics.

Silgan Unicep has over 30 years of experience in mixing and packaging hygiene, whitening, and in-office oral care products.

Offering manufacturing and packaging services to support your growing portfolio of consumer healthcare products.

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