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Compounding/ Mix

Mixing your unique formula

Specialized Liquid Compounding

From scale-up to product transfers, Silgan Unicep can support the production of your specialized liquid or gel product. Working within an FDA and cGMP environment, we ensure that quality ingredients are received from our approved suppliers. Our manufacturing methods help to create a smooth process from start to finish, ensuring your product’s chances for success by improving speed to market.

The quality and consistency of the products we manufacture on your behalf will support your brand every time. Our experienced technicians and scientists ensure the highest standards are met and maintained.

USP Water

We have a fully validated USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Purified Water system for all of our cleaning, sanitization, and mixing of products. Our water purification system has ongoing monitoring and testing on a defined frequency. It includes a pre-filtration of city water, a deionization system to remove the minerals, and process filtration to remove bacteria.

Mixing Capabilities

  • MaxiLab Small batch/R&D batches 1-5 liters
  • Olsa 150 batches 50 to 200 liters
  • Olsa 1000 batches 300 to 1000 liters
  • Lee 1000 Gallon Mixer
  • Product only comes into contact with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Jacketed vessel – heat or cool system
  • Operating pressures from full vacuum up to 25 PSI
  • Mixing and dispensing viscosities from 1 to several million Cps
  • Clean in-place/sanitize in-place system
  • Proportional tip speed for easy scaling of mixes
  • Powder/liquid injection systems maintain closed environment
  • Pressure dispensing system
  • All functions computer controlled

Complete Supply Chain Management

  • Material management
  • Testing/releasing of raw materials
  • Manufacturing bulk materials
  • Packaging
  • Shipping of final goods

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