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Syringe Filling

Get the Perfect Plastic Syringe to Fit Your Product

Silgan Unicep is your contract filler for plastic syringes for topical use. Our syringe filling system allows us to support a range of filling sizes for plastic-tipped syringes. Prefilled syringes are an excellent choice for products needing a targeted, controlled dispense for a product with a high viscosity, such as teeth whitening products or clinical skin care creams & gels.

Make the transfer of your syringe contract filling needs a breeze by partnering with Silgan Unicep. Our experience in the Oral Health space provides us with the foundation and expertise needed to mix and fill your topical product into the perfect packaging solution. We have relationships with multiple qualified, reputable suppliers to make sourcing all raw materials as seamless as possible and ensure we meet the contract manufacturing needs for your unique formula.


Why choose syringes as your packaging solution?

Plastic-tip syringes are a great packaging solution when needing an exact dispense of topical ointments, gels, or creams. They offer all the functionality of a needled syringe but are used solely for topical application. The benefits of plastic-tipped syringes include:

  • A high level of barrier protection
  • Supports products with a high viscosity
  • Easy to use, with a controlled dispense
  • More on package branding than other unit-dose packaging solutions

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