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Working towards a more sustainable future

Silgan Unicep is committed to creating and implementing sustainable contract manufacturing practices to work towards a more sustainable future. 

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Reuse & Recycle

We develop solutions that can be recycled to divert more waste from landfills

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Raw Material

We source our materials from responsible qualified sources with an eye to sustainability



We continuously review and refine our operations to reduce our carbon footprint

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Packaging & Distribution

We work to ensure that our products maximize storage and transport, reducing the need for greater square footage and more trucks on the road

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Products


Our units are made from recyclable materials. Additionally, we incorporate recycling into our manufacturing processes

Supply Chain

Our compact unit designs reduce the total environmental impact of the packaging and of shipping our customers’ products

Source Material

We only source materials from responsible qualified suppliers

Eco Design

We utilize smart design principles to reduce the environmental impact of new and existing products

Our Operations


Focus on reducing waste and material consumption


Promote the sustainable management of water resources and monitor wastewater output


Promote strategies that reduce energy consumption per unit of production


Meet regulatory and multiple compliance obligations at all of our sites

Our Team


Committed to ensuring the safety of our teammates


Ensure a diverse and inclusive environment


Create a positive impact on the communities in which we operate


Operate with the highest ethical standards that are consistent with our corporate values

Business Health

Ensure the sustainable health of our business to provide ongoing opportunities 

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