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Diagnostics Contract Manufacturing

For over 30 years, Silgan Unicep has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative liquid packaging solutions for leading global diagnostics companies. We offer expertise in the mixing, filling, and packaging of liquid components for near-patient tests covering a range of disease states. 

Our team understands the landscape of creating a new diagnostic test, and from unit-dose packaging design to regulatory compliance support, Silgan Unicep can help turn your vision into a reality. 

Silgan Unicep’s dedicated services answer the growing demands of diagnostic companies that create innovative at-home tests, improve point-of-care tests, seek proven packaging solutions for imaging products, and more.

Whether you need a contract manufacturer for a liquid consumable such as a buffer or reagent, or any other diagnostic or imaging products- Silgan Unicep is your contract manufacturer for liquid unit-dose components. 

Diagnostics Contract Mixing & Filling

Silgan Unicep has the robust mixing capabilities required to compound your liquid point-of-care test components. Our team has the expertise to deal with the most challenging formulas and welcome tackling your formulation.

Does your product have a low fill volume or require a tight fill tolerance? Silgan Unicep specializes in filling unit-dose containers to your specifications. With over 30 years of experience filling specialty liquids into unit-dose containers, we have the expertise you need to fill your unique formulation. 

Custom Fill Solutions

Looking for a contract filler for a unique packaging platform? Silgan Unicep embraces innovation and offers custom approaches to answering the filling challenges of diagnostic and imaging companies.

Diagnostic Packaging Specialists

Silgan Unicep is a unit-dose packaging expert and supports a range of fill volumes perfect for liquid diagnostic kit components. 

Packaging innovation is an integral part of Silgan Unicep’s identity and history. Our Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal packaging lines are a great example of how Silgan Unicep leverages our blow-fill-seal expertise to solve our customer’s problems.

Benefits of Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging 

  • Low fill volume with tight tolerances
  • Scale-up capability is ideal for projects requiring 510k filings
  • Color resin options create ease of use for multi-step tests
  • The clinical look of Blow-Fill-Seal with added functionality

Leverage Silgan Unicep’s blow-fill-seal expertise to create custom unit-dose packaging at industry-leading speeds. Our Quick Turn Prototype service allows for modifications of our off-the-shelf solutions and the ability to create custom shapes, sizes, and embossing for unit-dose packaging. 

Standard Blow-Fill-Seal is a perfect fit for near-patient test consumables with water-like viscosities. This high-speed inline packaging process is ideal for higher run quantities and can support various fill volumes. 

Tubes are a great solution for imaging products. This multi-use packaging platform is ideal for gels and creams with higher viscosities, such as ultrasound gels.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Silgan Unicep has the industry experience required to manufacture your liquid diagnostic test consumables. 

Combined with our technical and regulatory knowledge, we offer the complete contract manufacturing experience you need to mix, fill, and package a buffer, reagent, or diluent for your Point-of-Care or lab test. You can rely on our knowledge of packaging materials and in-depth expertise in producing diagnostic products when choosing Silgan Unicep as your contract manufacturer.

Silgan Unicep offers innovative packaging options for your Point-of-Care diagnostic kit components. Traditional Blow-Fill-Seal and our Twist-Tip™ units are ideal solutions for liquid test components requiring a precise dispense. The ampoules present a clean, professional look while offering the end-user an easy-to-use design featuring twist-off-tips and are available in a range of sizes starting at 500 microliters, or 0.5 mL, and support even lower fill volumes with tight fill tolerances. 

These ampoules are the optimal choice for IVD, Molecular, and Point-of-Care diagnostic kit components such as reagents, buffers, and diluents.

invitro diagnostics.

Imaging and Ultrasound Products

Identify an area of interest on every image sequence with Silgan Unicep’s Proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal units. Our MicroDose units serve not only as a packaging solution for tissue marking dyes but the design can also be used to highlight an area of interest on imaging scans.

Silgan Unicep offers extensive expertise in blending liquids, gels, and creams with a wide range of viscosities. We are a great fit when looking for a contract manufacturer for your ultrasound gel. Silgan Unicep can fill ultrasound products into the right packaging to fit your needs, including our unique unit-dose packaging or multi-use platforms such as tubes.

Imaging and Ultrasound Blow Fill Seal.

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