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Standard Blow-Fill-Seal

Unit-Dose Blow-Fill-Seal

Our standard blow-fill-seal units are a perfect solution for like-water products. The size ranges allow for very precise dispense needs or a container that resembles a small bottle.

The repeatability of blow-fill-seal machines ensures high quality form and finish. Each unit can be coded to provide specific product information such as lot number and expiration date. The unit-dose vials are available as single-units or in multi-unit cards of 2 or 4.

Silgan Unicep’s blow-fill-seal units are made from a variety of plastic resins to satisfy all product needs. Resin choices are determined by product compatibility, product stability and end user requirements. Where comprehensive terminal sterilization is needed, we can refer you to leaders in the industry to come alongside you in this manufacturing process.

Standard Blow-Fill-Seal.
.05 mL


1 mL


2 ml BFS


3.5 mL BFS


5.5 mL BFS


10 mL BFS


15 mL BFS


20 mL BFS



Unicep supports pre-production runs, as part of our New Product Introduction process, through to large-scale production orders. We know that “one size doesn’t fit all” so we offer our customers an integrated range of packaging options and services to meet your product and brand requirements.

We can receive your product in bulk for filling, or source raw materials and mix your product based on your completed formulation. Units can be labeled, bagged or cartoned to your specifications. Contact us about minimum order requirements for each process and how we can meet your needs.

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