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Standard Blow-Fill-Seal

Unit-Dose Blow-Fill-Seal

Our standard blow-fill-seal units are a perfect solution for like-water products. The off-the-shelf size range Silgan Unicep offers allows for a variety of fill volumes, from a very small ampoule to a container resembling a small bottle.

Blow-Fill-Seal is a high-speed automated method of forming and filling single-use plastic containers in an uninterrupted, continuous process. The repeatability of blow-fill-seal machines ensures high-quality form and finish. Each unit can be coded to provide specific product information such as lot number and expiration date. The Blow-Fill-Seal units are available as single units or in multi-unit cards of 2 or 4.

Silgan Unicep’s blow-fill-seal units are made from various plastic resins to satisfy all product needs, and the best resin for your project is determined by product compatibility, product stability, and end-user requirements. When terminal sterilization is needed, we can refer you to proven leaders in the industry to assist you in this manufacturing process.

Standard Blow-Fill-Seal.
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Why Choose Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging?

Depending on the attributes of your product, Blow-Fill-Seal could be the ideal packaging solution you have been waiting for. 

Blow-Fill-Seal is a great choice for your project if:

  • Your product has a water-like viscosity
  • You’re looking for a clinical appearance
  • You do not require individual labeling
  • You need minimal information on your unit, such as lot codes and expiration dates
.05 mL


1 mL


2 ml BFS


3.5 mL BFS


5.5 mL BFS


10 mL BFS


15 mL BFS


20 mL BFS



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