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Custom Fill Solutions

Twist-Tip™ Proprietary Unit-Dose

Size Specs Materials Shapes Labeling 0.5mL 1mL 2mL 4mL 10mL 15mL Custom Cylindrical plastic squeeze bulb with integral twist-off tab. Resin Our Twist-Tip™ units use a Polyethylene resin. Polyethylene offers both flexibility and durability to make it an excellent choice for non-volatile products. Color Standard color: Natural (no pigment added) Custom options are available 0.5mL […]

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Form Fill Seal Pouch

Silgan Unicep’s pouch filling services support:   Filling on high-end automated equipment for a cost-effective solution Formulas needing higher barrier properties than traditional unit dose packaging provides Extensive branding opportunities Packaging solution known and familiar to end users Higher unit-dose fill volumes Products with a higher viscosity

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Syringe Filling

Why choose syringes as your packaging solution? Plastic-tip syringes are a great packaging solution when needing an exact dispense of topical ointments, gels, or creams. They offer all the functionality of a needled syringe but are used solely for topical application. The benefits of plastic-tipped syringes include: A high level of barrier protection Supports products

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Size Specs Materials Shapes Labeling SwabDose Modified SwabDose Standard: Product: liquid, gel or cream between 1 and 10,000 centipoise Options: Product: liquid, gel or cream < 10,000 centipoise Standard: Casing: White, polypropylene Polypropylene: High contact clarity, non-blushing, toughness, impact, chemical, solvent and stress crack resistant. Auto-clave stability and low extractability. Swab: .25″ diameter x 3″

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