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Your Contract Filling Partner

Solutions Designed for Diagnostics

Diagnostics Contract Manufacturing

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For over 30 years, Silgan Unicep has provided quality contract manufacturing services for top-tier diagnostics companies. Our understanding of the market enables us to repeatedly support rapid product launches with immense success due to our knowledge of the mixing, filling, and packaging of liquid components.

Whether looking for a partner to assist in a tech transfer or to support you through a 510(k) filing to full production, leverage Silgan Unicep’s unit-dose expertise and culture of quality by partnering with us for the filling of your point-of-care test liquid consumable.

Packaging Designed for Diagnostics

Silgan Unicep offers a range of off-the-shelf packaging or custom unit-dose designs to fit the growing needs of the diagnostics market, including our newest packaging solution, HLX, our Twist Tip unit, or traditional Blow-Fill-Seal units.


HLX™ is an innovative packaging solution that reduces test kit complexity and supply chain risk by providing a single-use, transfer tube alternative for liquid consumables that is molded and filled by Silgan Unicep.    


Blow-Fill-Seal packaging creates reliable and scalable quality units that are ideal for large-scale commercialized projects featuring a liquid component with water-like viscosity.


Twist Tip with point of care test

Twist-Tip™ units offer all the benefits of traditional blow-fill-seal packaging with added features, such as a twist-off tab, that elevate the design and functionality of the unit.

Unit-Dose Solutions That Simplify


Our innovative packaging solutions seamlessly integrate into your test workflow and provide a purposefully designed container for liquid consumables that is intuitive for end users. 

Supply Chain

Silgan Unicep provides turnkey manufacturing to reduce the risk and complexity of your supply chain. From raw materials sourcing to your filled finished product, we ensure your critical component is manufactured to your specifications and available when you need it.   

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