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Packaging Designed for Diagnostics

Packaging Designed for Diagnostics

HLX Unit with opened unit

HLX is Silgan Unicep’s latest innovative packaging solution designed to simplify near-patient workflows for our diagnostics partners.

Leverage Silgan Unicep’s unit-dose expertise with  HLX, a turnkey packaging solution that reduces supply 

chain risk and complexity by providing a single-use, transfer tube alternative that is molded and filled by Silgan Unicep.


  • Simplified Workflow

Reduce steps and eliminate complications with HLX, an all-in-one pre-filled tube for your liquid point-of-care test consumables.

  • Wider Opening 

HLX’s overall dimensions are comparable to on-market test tubes and are designed to accommodate the insertion of a swab and/or test strip.

  • Designed for Dispense

The threaded HLX unit pairs easily with a removable dropper top to streamline workflows that require precision dispense.

  • Streamlined Sourcing

Silgan Unicep provides turnkey services to reduce your supply chain risk and complexity. From raw materials to your filled finished product, our team of experts will ensure your critical component is available when you need it and manufactured to the specifications you require.  

  • Quality

Silgan Unicep maintains rigorous quality control standards for every product we manufacture. 

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